About Kanji Kentei

The Kanji kentei (Kanken) is the Japanese kanji proficiency test. Unlike JLPT, the kanken not only tests your kanji reading and identifying ability, but also your writing ability and your ability to understand the meaning of the Kanji and use it appropriately in different situations. There are 12 levels starting from level 10 and going up gradually to level 1 . Every learner can take up the level suitable for him/her. It is very common for school students in Japan to take up this exam, each time moving up to the next higher level.

BNK felt the need to conduct this exam in India too, so that Japanese learners here can also test their kanji proficiency at par with native Japanese students. We therefore registered with Kanji kentei Kanji Aptitude testing organization, the authority to conduct this exam in Japan, and have successfully conducted it in India since June 2013. There is no difference in taking this exam in Japan or Bangalore, since the question paper, date of exam and the certificate that can be received is the same. Though the test is conducted by BNK, papers are corrected, results are declared  and certificates are issued by the authorities in Japan.

Level Target Kanjis Exam fees
10(Primary school- 1 grade) 80 Rs.850
9(Primary school- 2 grade) 240 Rs.850
8(Primary school- 3grade) 440 Rs.850
7(Primary school- 4 grade) 640 Rs.1500
6(Primary school- 5 grade) 825 Rs.1500
5(Primary school- 6 grade) 1006 Rs.1500
4(middle school school) 1322 Rs.1800
3(middle school school) 1607 Rs.1800
Pre 2 (High school) 1940 Rs.3500
2(High school) 2136 Rs.3500


For more details about the kanji aptitude test please visit www.kanken.or.jp