Speech contest 2014

It is with great pride that we announce the 10th edition of the Japanese Language Speech Contest on 8th November, 2014 Saturday. The Speech Contest is a platform for Japanese language learners to exhibit not only their oratory skills, but also to develop their confidence to present their ideas and thoughts before an interested audience. Our endeavour has always been to make the Speech Contest bigger and better, and this is definitely possible with your participation and encouragement. This contest is open to all Non-Japanese people, and persons who have not stayed in Japan for more than 6 months continuously. There will be 2 categories, namely the Junior and Senior category. JLPT N4 certified people can apply for the Junior category, whereas N3 and above can participate in the Senior category.
We thank the Bangalore University, the Japanese Consulate and the Nihonjin-kai for their untiring support every year.

Participants, please note that the deadline for applying is 10th October. Any entries after that date will not be accepted. Kindly send your participation confirmation to the below email id :