JLPT July 2015 Application form- Important information

We are greatly encouraged and happy with the response we have received for conducting the JLPT exams in July in Bangalore. We thank you for your continued support, and it is with pride and humility that we accept the responsibility.
Due to the continuous sale of the Application Forms, we are suddenly facing a shortage of the forms, and are in the process of getting more from the Chennai center. We hope to receive the same by Monday 6th April. Kindly call us on 94819 13284 or mail us on jlptbnk07@gmail.com to enquire about the availability of the forms before visiting the BNK office.
From experience, we have found that though many people purchase the forms, sometimes in excess, with the intention of appearing for the JLPT, but they do not submit the form with the exam fees due to various personal reasons. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL NOT BE USING THE APPLICATION FORM, KINDLY RETURN THE SAME TO US, WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY.  WE WILL BE VERY VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU TREAT THIS AS AN URGENT REQUEST AND CO-OPERATE WITH US.
Kindly contact us on the above number or mail id if you would like to return the form to us.
Dewa yoroshiku onegai itashimasu