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Bangalore: Hall Tickets for JLPT Dec 2018

Greetings from BNK! The hall tickets will be issued this week via email to the IDs provided by the applicants while filling the application form for JLPT Dec 2018 in Bangalore. Dewa Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu.

Online Application will be open for a short window of 2 hours on 5th September

Due to the overwhelming response to the “online application process” we reached our targeted limits. However, keeping in mind the learners’ request, BNK has reconsidered the limits. Kindly Note : The Online Applications for JLPT Dec 2018 will be opened


Greetings from BNK, The December JLPT is almost round the corner! BNK’s JLPT application process is now online. You may apply for the test by accessing this link : Important points : JLPT Application Start Date : 1st Aug 2018 JLPT


Konnichiwa Minna San, Bangalore being the IT capital, it is only natural that we go online. BNK is happy to announce that not only will Bangalore be hosting JLPT Dec 2018, but the application process goes online as well. The


Konnichiwa, JLPT, which was scheduled on 1st July 2018 in BANGALORE, is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. We regret the inconvenience caused to the examinees. Examinees who want to take up JLPT in July ’18, may contact any of the other centres

JLPT Volunteer Application Dec 2017

Konnichiwa, Every JLPT brings with it mixed feelings of excitement, stress and anticipation for the examinee, as well as for us. We shift to the top gear in the month before JLPT, and go all out to make it a

JLPT December 2017

Konnichiwa, The December JLPT is almost around the corner, and we will start the sale of Application forms at the BNK office from 1st August, 2017. The last date for submission of the filled application form is 5th September, 2017.

Call for Volunteers for JLPT July 2017

Konnichiwa Monsoons in India are unpredictable, but the one thing that is sure to come twice a year is the JLPT exam conducted by BNK. For the past few years, JLPT has seen an increase in the examinees in Bangalore,

Application form for July 2017 JLPT

Application forms for the July 2017 JLPT are available at the BNK office from tomorrow 1st March, 2017. The last date for submission of the filled application form is 5th April, 2017. No applications will be accepted after 5th April. The details


バンガロール日本語教師会(BNK)は下記の通り南インド文化講座を開講いたします。 バンガロール在住の日本人を対象にインド人講師が南インドの文化をわかりやすく日本語で説明します。 インド人と相互に理解を深め創造的な関係を構築できるよう、またより深くインドに親しむため、 是非この講座をご活用ください。 ****記******* <日時 トピック> ※2016年秋期開催と同内容の講座となります。 ①2017年1月19日(木)11:00~13:00「宗教と祭り」 ②2017年2月14日(火)11:00~13:00「食」 ③2017年3月3日(金)11:00~13:00「衣」 ④2017年3月23日(木)11:00~13:00「社会」 <場所> Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshi-kai, #1213,1st floor, 22nd Cross, HSR Club Road, HSR Layout Sector 3, Bangalore 560102 <定員> 先着10名様 ※4名で遂行(開催できない場合は前日までに連絡致します) <受講料> ₨500/ 一回 <申込締切> 開催日2日前 ※定員になり次第締め切り <申込方法> ①参加者名 ②連絡先 ③どの回に参加かをBNKまたは小江f宛てにご連絡ください。