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Business Japanese Test -12th June, 2016

We conducted the BJT for the first time last year, and the response was good with candidates from various states appearing for the  same. This year too, the Business Japanese Test will be conducted on the 12th June, Sunday from

Last date for BJT application -15th May ,2015

A gentle reminder Tomorrow 15th May 2015, is the last date for applying for Business Japanese Test to be conducted on 14th June in Bangalore. Please down load the application from the link in our earlier posts. Dewa yoroshiku onegai

BJT in Bangalore in 14 June 2015

The aim of any organisation is not to rest on their successes, but to keep moving forward, looking for new challenges. BNK is by now known for conducting the JLPT successfully every year, and the Kanji Kentei exam is also

Business Japanese Test-BJT

BNK is bringing BJT to Bangalore . Watch this space for further information to be updated soon …….

Business Japanese Test (BJT)

What is the BJT? Business communication proficiency –the ability to understand and implement the Japanese language The communicative proficiency required in business settings involves the ability to promote a project in Japanese and explain things plainly in Japanese to others