About BNK

BNK was established as a common platform for learners and teachers of Japanese language. With the increase in the popularity of Japanese language through manga, anime and of course  our love for all things  Japanese ,there was a need to bring all the institutes and individuals involved in teaching and learning the Japanese language, under one roof.

Objectives of  BNK

  • To look after and represent the interests of Japanese Language teachers in South India
  • To facilitate interchange & interaction among Japanese language teachers in South India.
  • To promote Japanese language education & cultural awareness of Japan in South India.
  • To provide access to books and materials for learning and teaching Japanese by maintaining a well-stocked library .


Our activities include

  • Conducting JLPT in Bangalore
  • Kanji Aptitude test (Kanken)
  • Business Japanese Test(BJT)
  • Study groups and Seminars for teachers
  • Japanese Language Educational Activities /Courses

About Membership

You can become a member of BNK in the following categories.

  • Lifetime member
  • Teacher member -renewable every year
  • Student member-renewable every year.

You can download and fill the membership form given below. The membership fee is mentioned in the form.

Membership form: BNK-Membership-Application-Form