Anniversaries are always special, and it is not wrong to say that we are extremely proud to announce the 10th Annual General meeting of Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshi-kai. 10 years is quite a long journey with a lot of achievements, improvements and growth. Though this journey has not been without its downs, overall it has been a great one. As with any journey, new people get on and some of them get down. Our new members are a source of inspiration for us to do better, and our past members have always been our support during JLPT and other events. We hope the BNK journey continues for many more years to come. We would be very happy to have you attend the 10th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, the details of which are as follows :
DATE — 28th AUGUST, 2016 ( SUNDAY )
TIMINGS — 3 pm TO 5 pm
                 No. 1213, 1st FLOOR, 22nd CROSS,
                 H.S.R. CLUB ROAD, H.S.R. LAYOUT, SECTOR 3,
                 BANGALORE – 560102.
                 MOBILE – 94819 13284
We will be discussing the past and future activities of BNK, the Balance Sheet and other related issues. The consolidated Balance Sheet  will be sent to you in the next few days. Please note that the detailed Accounts for the FY 2015-2016 will be discussed at the AGM. We have also attached the Attendance / Proxy form. You are requested to fill the same accordingly and send it to us by Post or E mail before 20th August, 2016. PLEASE FILL THE PROXY SECTION OF THE FORM ONLY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE AGM. Members attending the AGM need to fill in the ATTENDANCE SECTION ONLY.
The present governing body has completed the requisite 2 years. As our Memorandum of Association states that the elections for the Governing Body is to be held after every 2 years, we will be having the elections too on the same day. We invite the Teacher members to send in their nominations for the below posts :
MEMBER ( 3 nos.)
For any association to function smoothly, the old has to give way to the new. New ideas, beliefs and working methods have to take BNK forward. It is our sincere request to all Teacher members to consider becoming a part of the BNK committee. Yes, it is a voluntary job, but the satisfaction of a job well done more than makes up for the monetary benefits. Kindly send your name and the post you would be willing to stand for to this email id. Only the Teacher members have the right to exercise their votes and stand for the elections. Though the student members have no voting rights, they are welcome to attend the proceedings.
As this is a very important AGM for the BNK, we sincerely request you to attend the same without fail. We need your presence to approve of the Financial Statements, and also to cast your vote for the next Governing Body.
Teacher members, please note that if you are unable to attend the same, kindly take a print out of the Proxy form, sign it and scan it to [email protected]. Forms which have only the names typed in place of the signature is not valid.
Dewa yoroshiku onegai itashimasu