Japanese Business Pitch Contest, 2020: Winners

The Japanese Business Pitch Contest, a unique initiative by Japan Foundation, was held on June 20, 2020, with live streaming on YouTube.

Not only was this contest a 1st in India, it was a 1st of its kind as well. During this pandemic, while being safe within the four walls of their respective houses, our presenters presented their ideas and our Respected Judges interacted with them online via Zoom.

BNK CONGRATULATES all the participants for their hard work and great ideas. But ofcourse, since it’s a competition there are WINNERS.

1st Price: YeshashreePrasanna; Topic: 歌で語彙

2nd Price: Sripriya KH ; Topic: 高齢者と子供たちのための合併デイケア・センタ

3rd Price: Aditya Ramakrishanan; Topic: ソール シフタル