Greetings from BNK!
At last the wait is over! With things looking up, the situation seeming brighter, and with the hope of good tidings to come, BNK plans to conduct the JLPT this July.

Please make note the following important points :

  1. Date & Timings :
4TH July 2021N5, N18:30AM
4TH July 2021N2, N3, N41:30PM

2. There is going to be a cap on the number of applications level-wise. The applications will be on a “first come – first served” basis.

Cap (max applications) per level :

3. There is NO carry forward of any applications from the previous exams.

4. The application process is only Online & it is from Friday, 5th March 9AM to Sunday 4th April 6PM. (Please also note, if the max number of applications, as per the cap is reached before 4th April, it will be fore-closed for that level.) 

5. The exam fee will be INR1500/- for all levels.

6. Link for registration : https://jlpt.bnkindia.in

Please note, the exam will be conducted subject to government rules and approvals at the time of the exam.